Practicing Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Spiritual Principles Throughout the Calendar Year

Modified: July 25, 2019 at 9:13 pm

Have you ever heard of Narcotics Anonymous (NA)? It is a program for people (who come to self-identify as addicts) that have either in the past or that currently abuse or misuse alcohol and drugs, and the end-goal of working a recovery program in NA is to become drug-free and clean, and remain substance-free and practice abstinence from any and all mind or mood-altering substances.  For many, simple abstinence is not enough for an extended period of time. Abstinence should ideally be combined with working the Twelve Steps of the NA program. NA is a twelve-step support fellowship for doing just that! In NA, we learn to practice spiritual principles daily, in all our affairs. There is a spiritual principle that can correlate to each numbered month of the calendar year if you practice at least the basic twelve spiritual principles in life. Here is a short breakdown.

Let’s take the month of July for our example. Do you notice how July is the seventh month? This means that during the seventh month, we should aim to practice the corresponding numbered spiritual principle that correlates to that numbered month. There are twelve months which go hand-in-hand with the twelve spiritual principles. The corresponding month number can be used to focus on practicing the corresponding step number’s spiritual principle during that month. That gives our recovery some direction. In January, we aim for spiritual principle one; in February, we aim for spiritual principle two; in March, we aim for spiritual principle three; in April, we aim for spiritual principle four, and so forth, and so on, etc. all the way through the calendar to where in December, we aim for spiritual principle twelve.

Step Spiritual Principle
Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step Five
Step Six
Step Seven Humility
Step Eight
Step Nine
Step Ten
Step Eleven
Step Twelve

More on NA can be found at Narcotics Anonymous World Services, which can be found at (opens in a new tab).

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